Legal Subscription Service

Would you like to be able to pick up the phone and call a lawyer without worrying about what it will cost? Would you like to talk to a lawyer you know and who knows your business? Would you prefer to talk to a lawyer who speaks in plain English so that you really do understand what they are talking about? Do you want peace of mind?

Now You Can

Subscribe now to be part of our friendly client community and receive access to our resource library as well as the ability to pick up the phone and ask a quick question, so that you can get on with you day with peace of mind.

Plans and Pricing

We offer a subscription service at different levels to help you easily manage your legal needs. When you take up a subscription service you gain access to a bank of template documents with instructions on how to use those documents as well as the following services:

* If your problem is more complicated than a short conversation or email can handle, we will let you know what fixed fee investment is required to complete that work. No surprises. The price we give you includes GST, discussing the advice after you have it and minor amendments to the work you have asked us to complete. You are under no obligation to continue with that additional work.

What our client community members say about us?

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

For me the key benefits I see in being involved are:

  • Convenience:  I can just send an email or call you (a professional in the field who I respect who speaks plain English, and whom I relate to well),
    • on a regular basis if I wish…
    • while knowing that I’ve already paid the fee, and won’t get any sudden ‘shock’.
  • It’s a form of ‘peace of mind’ where I can call on a minor, or not so minor item. If I weren’t ‘in the club’ so to speak, then I might think twice about calling. In a way, it’s like insurance.  If you don’t need to use it, then that’s great.  If you do need to use it, then it was worth having.
  • It’s the right price-point for me so that I don’t have to think too hard whether to be ‘in the club’, or avoid the investment and cross-my fingers.
Dennis Keay

Lean Logic

Other Enterprise Services

We provide a retainer service. What this means is that your business can retain our services for fixed periods of time, say one day per week for three months, or on an “at call” basis where we will provide you with a block of time with a maximum limit for legal services in any calendar month.
We usually require a retainer for a minimum of three (3) months. After three months, you can terminate our retainer simply by giving us a call. The services you would like to include as part of the retainer will be set out in a retainer agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to schedule a call in advance?

Yes, preferably 2 days, just so we can get any background materials from you and then deliver a comprehensive and personalised service. However you may still give us a quick call without a booking if it’s urgent.

How do I book a time to talk with a lawyer?

You will receive a coupon via email each month. You use your coupon code to book an appointment. You can book an appointment by email or using our online booking system.

Do you offer face to face consultations?

This subscription service is for electronic communications via email, telephone, Skype or other online communication. We can accommodate face to face consultations at an extra cost. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

What happens if I haven’t used any of the services for a month?

We are here to give you peace of mind so that you know there is someone to call when you need to. Ideally, you won’t have problems that mean you need to give us a call very often, but when you do, you know we are here to help you.

Your service coupons will expire at the end of each month and your services do not roll over the next month. However from the start of your membership, you will have unlimited access to our resources library containing templates and helpful information for you to use and that access will not change unless you cancel your subscription.

What happens if I call more than once on a start-up plan? Do I need to pay extra?

Our fair use policy recognises that things may just happen all at once and we will do our best to accommodate you at no extra cost. We will always let you know if additional charges will apply before offering you those services, so that you have a choice to go ahead or not.

How do I access the resource library?

When you login as a subscriber a link to the resource library will appear at the bottom left of the page. Click on the link to access additional resources.

What if I want services that aren't included in my subscription?

We are happy to assist you with additional services and will always provide you with a fixed fee investment before starting any work. That way you know exactly how much it is going to cost and can decide when you are ready to go ahead with that work.

Can I upgrade after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. You can do so through your subscriber settings, or email us.

Will the resources library still be available once I cancel my membership?

When you cancel your subscription, your access to our resources library will also end.

How long does my subscription last?

Your minimum subscription is for 3 months from the date of registration. We want to provide you the best possible service and need to do so in a way that is viable for both parties.

How do I cancel my subscription service?

There is a minimum 3 months commitment and you may cancel your subscription at any time after that period, without penalty. You can change your member settings to cancel your subscription, or email us to let us know you want to cancel. Your subscription will continue to the end of the period already paid.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

From the start of your membership, you will have access to our resources library containing templates and loads of helpful information for you to use. For that reason, we don’t provide refunds. However, you can choose to cancel your membership at any time after your first 3 months.

How do you know I am a subscriber?

All clients who are members of our subscription service receive coupons at the beginning of the month for the services they can claim. You will need to have an active coupon code to book your service.

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