Avoid copyright infringement with Facebook Live

Facebook terms and conditions do require all users to have permission to use the content they upload, whether written, audio, video, or as is now available, through live streaming. It is easy to blur a background image when you have the ability to edit, but not in live streaming. If you infringe someone’s copyright, even accidentally, there can be consequences you didn’t anticipate.

Legal Issues for Startups

Identify the legal issues that put your startup business at risk of irreparable destruction or overwhelming cost, and deal with those issues first. This training helps you identify what questions to ask, when you need help, and when you can do it yourself.

Best Business Structure for Online Business

Different people have different priorities, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to choosing your business structure for your online business. For example, if you are not making any money, your risk is likely to be low and it will be easier to operate as a sole trader. Once you are making more money than you can afford to lose, you might consider setting up a trust or a company to operate your business.

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