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These website legal terms provide only the most basic protection for your online business and are provided as a ‘stop gap’ until you are in a position to get legal terms done specifically to suit your business and the way you use your online presence. There are no specific disclaimers, payment or shipping terms included in these website legals. Instructions: Read through. Create a page on your website for your Privacy Policy. Copy and paste onto that page. Update the highlighted sections with your information and remove the highlighting.

Recover unpaid Money

If chasing up payment of your accounts is becoming a problem, here is a system for you.

The longer a debt is outstanding the higher is the likelihood that it will not be recovered. The most fundamental principle of debt collection is constant follow-up, obtaining a commitment of some kind, which in the first instance does not have to be immediate payment but can be an undertaking to pay by instalments.

This document give you messages you can include in the automatic reminders in your accounting system or in a notice on any invoice reminders you send out, as well as suggested time frames, possible telephone scripts and finally, a letter of demand.