Subscription Terms & Conditions

[Last updated December 2018]

By using this website or becoming a subscriber you are agreeing to be automatically bound by these terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions include:
•    Terms of Use
•    Subscriber terms and conditions
•    Payments and Refunds
•    Privacy Policy

We encourage you to carefully read and understand these terms and conditions before using the website or any of our services.  If you don’t agree, your remedy is to stop using Onyx Legal.

Entire Agreement

Unless otherwise specified, all of the terms and conditions applicable to our online services constitute the entire agreement between you and Onyx Legal with respect to our online services. We may update our terms and conditions from time to time and the new provisions will apply from the date they are updated. Subscribers will receive notice of updates.

Feedback, comments or complaints

If you have any questions, please contact us or call us on 0423 462207 during usual business hours.

Who is a Legal Subscription Plan for?

Any person or business who would like pain free access to a law they feel comfortable talking to, will benefit from this service.

Subscription plans are intended for use by people over the age of 18 years.

Onyx Legal provides Subscribers with access to legal templates and specific legal advice in accordance with your subscription level.

How does it work?

Choose a Subscription level that suits you to access subscription benefits listed below.

Onyx Legal currently offers plans over a minimum of six months:

Sole Traders Plan

$49 per month debited monthly (min. 6 month $294)

OR $499 per year debited annually, SAVE $89

This entitles you up to 3 x short advice consultation per month while you are a subscriber. Unused consultations expire at the end of the month. It is best to contact us to book in a session as our team may not be immediately available when you call.

Small Enterprise Plan

$199 per month debited monthly (min. 6 month $1,194)

OR $1,999 per year debited annually, SAVE $389

While you are a subscriber, this entitles you to:
•    up to 5 x short advice consultation per month.
•    1 x correspondence, whether written for you to send under your name, or sent on our letterhead, monthly.
•    1 x contract review and advice on that contract per six month period.
Unused services expire at the end of the month or year relevant to each service.

Medium Enterprise Plan

$499 per month debited monthly (min. 6 month $2,994)

OR $4,999 per year debited annually, SAVE $989

While you are a subscriber, this entitles you to:
•    Unlimited short advice consultations per month.
•    up to 4 items of correspondence per month, whether written for you to send under your name, or sent on our letterhead.
•    2 x contract reviews and advice on those contracts per six month period.
•    1 x business contract preparation for you per annum.
Unused services expire at the end of the month or year relevant to each service.

Exclusions and Fair Use

We will do our best to be available when you need to call. We do ask that you book appointments, simply so that we can properly prepare and be more effective in giving you the advice you need to progress with peace of mind. If your question is urgent, we will do our best to accommodate you, but do not guarantee that we will be immediately available.

Please respect the time of our legal advisers. Be clear with your questions and the solutions you are hoping to achieve. We can support you most efficiently this way.

We want to ensure you are satisfied with the value you receive from your subscription. We’re happy to discuss options with you to get the best value from your subscription.

If your subscription allows you unlimited access to our advice, we request that you keep in mind that you have not employed our legal advisers on a full time basis and they do have other clients to look after. If we form the view that your use of our services has become excessive, and falls outside fair use of the services offered, we will discuss this with you before taking any further action, such as terminating your access to our services.

Your Licence to use Onyx Legal

Onyx Legal has invested significant time and money into developing the online services, which you acknowledge have commercial value to Onyx Legal.

When you become a Subscriber of Onyx Legal you purchase a licence to use Onyx Legal products and services available at your subscription level. Onyx Legal retains all intellectual property rights in the systems and information made available by Onyx Legal. Please see our terms about Copyright, Trademarks and other Intellectual Property [Copyright, Trademarks and other Intellectual Property].

As part of your Onyx Legal Subscription you will gain access to specific advice which is confidential information, as well as passwords, usernames, documentation, ideas, trade secrets, concepts, know-how, dealings, and technical, commercial, financial or legal information relating to the online services or the business operations of Onyx Legal.

Onyx Legal grants to you a non-transferable license to use Onyx Legal online services (including intellectual property and confidential information) for your own personal use and for no other purpose.

Limited Use

You must not distribute or make Onyx Legal online services available over a network where it could be used by multiple devices at the same time. You must take reasonable precautions to maintain the confidentiality of and to prevent the disclosure or use of Onyx Legal confidential information.

You must not rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute or sublicense your access to Onyx Legal or any information made available to you by Onyx Legal.

You must not copy (except as expressly permitted by this license) decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, modify, or create derivative works of Onyx Legal materials, any updates, or any part thereof. Any attempt to do so is a violation of the rights of Onyx Legal. If you breach this restriction, you may be subject to prosecution and damages.

Termination of Access

This license is effective until terminated by you or Onyx Legal. Upon termination your access to Onyx Legal will end, including templates and the ability to pick up the phone to one of our friendly lawyers.

Onyx Legal reserves the right to change, suspend, remove, or disable access to your Subscription at any time without notice where it has formed the opinion that you have failed to comply with the terms and conditions.

In no event will Onyx Legal be liable for the removal of or disabling of your access to any Onyx Legal Subscription. Onyx Legal may give notice that it will impose limits on the use of or access to certain online services, without liability.

Your rights under this license will terminate automatically at the end of your subscription period without notice from Onyx Legal if you cancel your Subscription. Upon termination of the license, you must stop using Onyx Legal and destroy all copies, full or partial, of Onyx Legal material.

Your responsibility as a Subscriber

You agree to keep your username and password secure and not to share access to Onyx Legal Subscription or materials with anyone who does not hold the same level of Subscription as you.

You acknowledge that Onyx Legal is not qualified to provide tax or accounting advice and the information provided to you by Onyx Legal is not intended as such. You agree to refer all of your specific tax, accounting or financially related enquiries to appropriately qualified professionals.

You release Onyx Legal forever from all and any responsibility or liability for any losses claims or demands that may directly or indirectly occur as a result of you using the information obtained through Onyx Legal, to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Onyx Online Law Facebook Page

You are invited to join the Onyx Online Law Facebook Page as a forum for discussion about any business or legal issues you may have that you are happy to share on a general and non-confidential basis with other people who access that Facebook Page.

You agree not to use Onyx Legal in any manner to harass, abuse, stalk, threaten, defame or otherwise infringe or violate the rights of any other party. Onyx Legal is not in any way responsible for any such use by you, nor for any harassing, threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal messages or transmissions that you may receive as a result of using Onyx Legal.

Onyx Legal may remove you from the Facebook page without notice if you behave in a way that, in the sole opinion of Onyx Legal, detrimentally affects or may detrimentally affect the experience of any user of the Onyx Legal.

Your content on our social media pages

You warrant that you hold the necessary rights and interests to use any material you add to Onyx Legal (your content) and that all of your content does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights, including copyright and trade mark rights.

By submitting your content to Onyx Legal you irrevocably grant Onyx Legal a perpetual, world-wide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable and transferable license and right to use your content. You indemnify Onyx Legal against any claims made for breach of intellectual property rights in respect of your content.

At our sole discretion we may remove or disable your content if we believe your content to be in violation of our terms and conditions. We are not obligated to return any of your content to you under any circumstances.

You acknowledge that any confidential information shared by you is done so at your own risk, and you release Onyx Legal from any liability for loss or damage suffered by you are a result of sharing your confidential information.

Payments and Refunds


Payment can be made by credit card through Stripe. All prices are listed inclusive of applicable GST. Payment is made in advance at the start of the month or year of your subscription.

Subscription renewal will occur automatically. You authorise Onyx Legal to debit your account on the monthly or annual cost of your chosen Subscription (as applicable) on the monthly or annual anniversary of the date you joined Onyx Legal. If payment is declined, your access to Onyx Legal will be suspended until your payment has been updated.

You will receive notice of any changes in Subscription fees and provided the opportunity to cancel your Subscription before those fees come into effect.

You can cancel your Subscription here at any time. Once you cancel your Subscription, your access to Onyx Legal will continue until your Subscription expires.


We’ve put a great deal of work into creating legal resources for you to use and all of the value in Onyx Legal resources is available to you as soon as you login. We give you 30 days to review our material to work out whether or not our content is right for you. You have that time to make a clear decision as to whether or not you are going to proceed.

If you continue with us after the 30 days, you’re in! It is then up to you to make the best use of our material. If you chose not to do anything from that time forward, for whatever reason, that is your choice. We’re happy to support people using our material. We don’t provide refunds simply because your circumstances have changed or you change your mind.

We don’t provide refunds or credits for any partial subscription period. You can cancel your Subscription here at any time.

You may request a refund on your annual Subscriptions if your request is received within 30 days of your first Subscription payment. The amount refunded will be the annual fee less an administration fee of $100.


All services are offered electronically. No postage costs will be incurred.

Many firms charge fees for carrying out photocopying, faxing, document lodgement, searches and other paralegal work, secretarial and word processing, computer services, clerical and accounting services and general library services. We do not. Those costs are included in the fees that we quote to you rather than forming additional items that might take you by surprise.