Fees for trademark have changed

Fees for trademark have changed

A couple of things you should know before making an application for a trademark:

  • Registration has local affect (Australia) only, unless you specifically make and pay for an international application
  • The cost of international applications vary depending upon the countries you want to cover
  • Generic or commonly used words and phrases are unlikely to achieve registration
  • The assessment process takes about five months and, if successful, is backdated to the date of your application
  • There are 45 classes of registration and each class attracts a fee

Until October 2016 you had to pay both an application fee when you lodged your application and a registration fee five or six months later once it was accepted.

For applications made after 10 October 2016, you pay a higher application fee, but no additional registration fee, so overall, its cheaper! Just a bigger up front cost than previously.

If you applied before 10 October, you will still have to pay a registration fee when it falls due. For more detail, check out IP Australia.

If you’re not sure whether you are ready, or even need to register a trade mark at this stage, check out this article in ProBlogger – http://www.problogger.net/register-trademark-without-hiccups/

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