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A business mentor I’ve been working with recommended that I contact Onyx Online Law for some help with questions I had around the governance and agreements affecting our business. They were able to quickly clarify the legal issues and answer all of my legal questions, as well as providing some really practical suggestions about how I could manage future negotiations. This gave me the confidence to participate in meetings with a very clear and relaxed attitude and achieve some good results for the business. It made a huge difference getting help beforehand and I’d recommend Onyx Online Law to anyone looking for practical solutions that support their business growth.

Andrew Crawford, Plusfile, May 2015





Part of our business is about building a community with members who treat each other well and also treat our staff with respect. One client became a problem, disrupting our community, not listening to our instructions and refusing to play along. They became a real headache and source of stress. So we contacted Jeanette at Onyx Online Law looking for a legal letter to help us remove the client while at the same time stop them from taking our materials, sharing it and bad mouthing us. The whole situation had us pretty stressed and we wanted a quick solution. Jeanette suggested a different approach that saw our client happy to part ways with us and no longer a threat. Two days, all done, huge relief. An excellent result for us. We’ll use Onyx Online Law again and recommend them to help you solve the business disputes that are worrying you. .

Tomasz Forfa, Orange Wall Investments, June 2015




It’s Jeanette’s expertise in online law, which sets her and her firm apart from everyone else. The thing I like the most about Jeanette is that she doesn’t rush to always take the legal route if something can be sorted out more efficiently via negotiation. Contrary to the saying “to a hammer everything looks like a nail”, while Jeanette can certainly use the hammer very effectively, not everything looks like a nail. And this is very rare in a lawyer. Read More

Mik Forfa, I Love My Body Pty Ltd, July 2015


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