Fixed Fee Services

We understand how frustrating it is to want something, but not know how much it is going to cost until its too late. Not knowing how much you might end up paying in legal costs can be very scary.

We don’t give you vague estimates. We don’t charge for admin or photocopying or postage. We don’t have an unidentified “care and consideration” amount that can be as much as 50% again on top of your invoice.

This is what we do –

We find out what you need. Then we tell you how much it is going to cost, including GST, before you start working with us.

So you know, right from the start, how much you are going to pay in legal fees and what you will get for it.

Here is an example:

  1. You provide consultancy services and want some standard terms and conditions for your services, but the flexibility to list different services and different costs
  2. We have a chat with you about what you do and find out if there is anything particularly important to you
  3. Then we send you an email confirming what you want, how much it will cost and when we will be able to get it to you for review
  4. You give us the go ahead and we get started
  5. You receive a clear, easy to understand service agreement with the flexibility you need
  6. After looking through the document you ask us any questions you have about what we have sent you so we can answer them all for you
  7. If we’ve highlighted anything for your comment, you tell us what you want so we can finalise the document
  8. We make any minor amendments you need, and send you the final document
  9. Then we invoice you for exactly the amount we told you we would, nothing extra

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How is dispute resolution different?

Unfortunately, when it comes to dispute resolution we cannot predict what the other party is going to do or say. This means it is impossible to accurately assess how much work will be involved in reaching an end and a solution to your dispute. So that we can still help you, we provide an hourly rate for these services. We realise this can be frustrating because you don’t know how much it will cost to resolve your dispute. Talk to us about your prospects and we will do our best to advise whether or not we think your costs will end up being out of proportion to the size of your dispute.

As an alternative, we do our best to provide fixed fees for separate steps in the process, rather than giving you one fee for the whole dispute. Again, this doesn’t make it clear how much the whole process will cost you, but it does give you clear progress.  We are happy to work with you to identify a fee that represents value for you.